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First, thank you to our healthcare workers and our leaders

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak in British Columbia, amazing leaders like Dr. Bonnie Henry have been working tirelessly to fight the spread of the disease.

We also owe a debt of gratitude to our essential workers

By keeping our grocery stores, fire, police, transit, goods delivery, home care, pharmacies and other essential services operating, they have contributed to our safety and well-being.

We're flattening the curve, but we can't stop now!

We're starting to see continued success in the fight against COVID-19, but now is not the time to get complacent. We need to continue to support our health care and essential workers and services - now more than ever.

We depend on workers, who depend on transit

Providing our community with safe, clean, and reliable transit services is as important to fighting the spread of COVID-19 as anything else we can do.

Thank You to the Heroes Keeping Us Safe!

Photo Credit: Dr. Henry & Min. Dix - CTV News | Healthcare Workers - News 1130 | Firefighters - City of Vancouver | SkyTrain - Diego Mazz

transit is essential


It's an essential part of our recovery from COVID-19

As we begin to gradually re-open across communities, we have already seen transit ridership increase by 85% since early April. 




Looking ahead, transit is critical to our economic recovery

Investing in safe and clean public transit will ensure that all members of our community can come back from COVID-19 stronger.

We have good news!

On May 8, 2020, the Province committed to preserving transit service. The service reductions that were previously planned have been rescinded, and all 1492 employees have had their layoff notices rescinded. 

On June 5, 2020, Ottawa announced that it was offering $14 bn to the provinces that would be distributed through an agreement among them. This money would be used to support local services affected by COVID-19, including transit. While the details are still being worked out, we are eagerly awaiting the BC Government's allocation decisions for transit support funding.

Right now, we need to show our support for all forms of mobility, including transit and active transportation.

While our government leaders have been working tirelessly to support communities and workers through this, we have to let them know we support and need mobility options.

Government support for cycling, walking, and transit infrastructure will provide individuals with mobility options that are safe, reliable, accessible, and affordable. This will help us fight off another wave of COVID-19 and support our communities.


We're glad you asked!

Send a letter to your MP and other elected officials using the Save Transit in BC Auto-Email Form Letter

Save Transit in BC has created a simple resource to find your elected representative and automatically email them to support transit service. You can customize your message to highlight what this issue means to you!

Tell your friends and family, and get them to do the same. We need to work together now.

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