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Greater Vancouver Gateway Council: We Need to Invest in Transportation

The Greater Vancouver Gateway Council represents the major commercial transportation service providers—via seaports, airport, railways, and marine terminals, and by truck—in the Greater Vancouver Region, as well as related international trade and tourism service providers. In the late 1990s, the Gateway Council published A Major Commercial Transportation System for this Region, in which the infrastructure projects required for the Greater… Read more →

5 reasons why the referendum is important

[avatar user=”Keane Gruending” size=”medium” align=”left” /]We don’t know when Metro Vancouver’s transportation referendum will be; we don’t know what will be on the ballot. The only thing we do know is that the mayors have until June 30 to agree to a package then it’s anyone’s bet as to when the referendum could be held. While timing, content, and format… Read more →

The business case for transit in Metro Vancouver

[avatar user=”Keane Gruending” size=”medium” align=”left” /]In a port city like Metro Vancouver, transportation is a crucial part of the region’s DNA. However, while it may not be obvious, all businesses in Metro Vancouver, large and, rely on a well-functioning transportation system to support their activities and generate profit. A good transportation system is efficient, from the perspectives of both time… Read more →

The price of congestion shows up on your grocery bill

Descending 36,000 feet into the YVR airport on a clear day offers spectacular views of Metro Vancouver’s natural beauty and urban landscape. While most people on my flight were gazing across the snow-capped mountains to the north, I was staring intently at the region’s vast transportation network directly beneath us. We were landing just as the supper rush hour was… Read more →