Metro Vancouver Transportation Survey

Survey results are in! Check out the highlights… you won’t believe what it really costs to commute by car!

We conducted a survey on from April 14 – June 3, 2014. The goals of the survey were to:

  1. Educate/raise awareness about transportation investment in the region
  2. Promote the Moving in a Livable Region website
  3. Enable people to sign up for our updates/newsletters
  4. Gather information on the views and opinions of Metro Vancouver residents on the ties between regional transportation, the economy and their daily lives

*The survey link was disseminated to residents across Metro Vancouver through the partners and funders of the project through personal and mass emails, newsletters, and social media channels

* The survey software used was Fluid Surveys , compliant with Canadian privacy and accessibility standards. All data resides on Canadian servers.

* Two rounds of Facebook ads were employed to help balance responses from suburban areas

* An iPad mini was offered as an incentive prize for completing the survey

* Total completed responses: n = 1968

* All reporting of results is in the aggregate and includes the following caveat:

Results from this sample are a reflection of the opinions of those surveyed. Due to the survey sampling methodology, they cannot be considered to represent a statistically accurate portrait of the broader Metro Vancouver population, and thus the results should not be used to generalize or draw definitive conclusions. However, given that the socio-demographic characteristics of the sampled population do cover a broad spectrum of individuals in diverse gender, age, and regional population groups, it is nonetheless acceptable to use these results as some indication of the views that could or do exist in Metro Vancouver on the issues covered in the survey.