Interactive Map Launched to Inform Metro Vancouver Residents of Proposed Transit Improvements

Moving in a Livable Region has launched a new, interactive map to inform Metro Vancouver residents of transportation improvements included in the Mayors’ Mayors’ Council Transportation and Transit Plan. From March 16 to May 29, voters will vote on funding these transportation improvements in a region-wide referendum.

The interactive map includes details about:

  • New light rail transit routes for Surrey and Langley
  • A new Vancouver Broadway Corridor subway
  • A replacement for the Pattullo Bridge
  • 12 upgraded or new B-Line bus routes
  • Upgrades to existing rapid transit routes
  • New and upgraded transit facilities
  • Improved SeaBus service
  • Expanded service on the West Coast Express commuter rail

For each of these improvements, the interactive map provides details about routes and project summaries.

Collectively these improvements are expected to reduce traffic congestion by 20 percent, allowing drivers and transit users to save 20–30 minutes per day on some of the region’s most congested corridors.

To fund these investments, voters will be asked to approve a new 0.5 percent sales tax called the Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax, which will be added to the existing Provincial Sales Tax.

A sales tax is a common transportation funding mechanism in the United States, and the Mayors’ Council chose this method because it would most equitably distribute the cost of transportation investment among households, businesses and visitors. The cost of the tax for the average household will be about $125 a year, or about 35 cents a day, with lower income households paying considerably less.

To view the interactive map, click here.



Alaleh Adib is a Transportation Planner with specialty in transportation policy analysis, demand forecasting with a strong focus on transit, and a strong background in modeling.

Jim Beaudreau is the Communications and Volunteer Coordinator with Moving in a Livable Region. He is a recent graduate of UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning.

Elham Boozarjomehri is a Lead Analyst at the Advanced Analytics Group of Boeing Digital Aviation. Her role is to apply transportation domain knowledge to solve business problems within the airline industry.