Final Report: Moving in a Livable Region

Moving in a Livable Region is an initiative of the SFU Centre for Dialogue and has been convening stakeholders in the metro region to talk about transportation for nearly three years. Its goal has been to support the adoption of a sustainable funding regime for transportation in Metro Vancouver. With the referendum now over, we have written a final report… Read more →

Metro Vancouver needs to keep up with its Millennials

In 2007, I finished a study on the travel patterns of youth and young adults in Vancouver and Surrey that showed the constraints they faced in relying upon transit, and their commitment to continue using it as a sustainable transportation alternative. As a Masters thesis, the study involved just 21 participants and attracted little attention, but it was one of… Read more →

Transit referendum vote eligibility and other information available

Further information on the upcoming transit and transportation referendum is now available. Most importantly,┬áhere is the list of requirements in order to vote: be a Canadian citizen be 18 years of age or older on May 29, 2015 have been a resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months immediately before May 29, 2015 be a resident of the… Read more →

Move People! Transit Referendum Education Campaign Needs Volunteers

Moving in a Livable Region seeks capable volunteers and superhero interns to educate Metro Vancouver about its upcoming transit referendum. Multiple opportunities are available. Overview Moving in a Livable Region (MLR) is a nonpartisan consortium of businesses, organizations, local governments, and transportation leaders working together to create a long-term sustainable plan for funding transportation in the Metro Vancouver region. The… Read more →

The referendum campaign is underway

Today marked a vote by the Metro Vancouver Mayors’ Council to move forward on a referendum for a comprehensive transportation investment plan for the region. Pending approval (UPDATE: Minister Stone has approved the referendum ballot question) from provincial cabinet next week, the referendum campaign has begun. How did we get here? What’s in the package? Why do we need investment?… Read more →