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Metro Vancouver’s transportation referendum: a North Delta perspective

Last Sunday night, I spent two hours walking around Sunshine Hills in North Delta hoping to engage in a conversation with my neighbours about the transportation referendum. My journey began with optimism and excitement, but ended in disappointment; not one person that I spoke with seemed excited about the possibility of transit and transportation improvements in our region. This got… Read more →

Vancouver follows other North American sales tax transit referenda

Vancouver is not the first region to use sales tax to fund transit improvements. We all love to have less congested roads, more frequent public transit services and a better network of roads, but these infrastructures are usually well behind what the society demands.   One reason is lack of sufficient funds to implement these projects. Infrastructure and transit projects are complex… Read more →

Transit-oriented development in Vancouver will ease congestion, promote health

Metro Vancouver is expected to have an additional 1,000,000 new residents by 2040. Where will they live? How will they get around? What kind of neighbourhoods will we have? And what kind of environment will we all be living in? For many years, most North American cities grew by expanding outwards, with large car-dependent suburbs consisting mostly of single-family houses on large… Read more →

Will Vancouver’s transportation referendum be good for the climate?

Want to know the region’s single largest source of greenhouse gases? It’s cars and trucks. Light vehicles are responsible for 31% of the region’s emissions. Add up the emissions of Metro Vancouver’s cement, industrial, and agricultural sectors, and it’s still only half the carbon pollution hit of cars and trucks in Metro. Along with all the carbon emitted from the tailpipes… Read more →