Metro Vancouver’s transportation referendum: a North Delta perspective

Last Sunday night, I spent two hours walking around Sunshine Hills in North Delta hoping to engage in a conversation with my neighbours about the transportation referendum. My journey began with optimism and excitement, but ended in disappointment; not one person that I spoke with seemed excited about the possibility of transit and transportation improvements in our region. This got… Read more →

Metro Vancouver needs to keep up with its Millennials

In 2007, I finished a study on the travel patterns of youth and young adults in Vancouver and Surrey that showed the constraints they faced in relying upon transit, and their commitment to continue using it as a sustainable transportation alternative. As a Masters thesis, the study involved just 21 participants and attracted little attention, but it was one of… Read more →

Vancouver follows other North American sales tax transit referenda

Vancouver is not the first region to use sales tax to fund transit improvements. We all love to have less congested roads, more frequent public transit services and a better network of roads, but these infrastructures are usually well behind what the society demands.   One reason is lack of sufficient funds to implement these projects. Infrastructure and transit projects are complex… Read more →

Everyone relies on transit, and it’s only going to get worse

The Mayors’ Council has released its transportation investment plan for the region, which will be put to a referendum sometime, most likely, before April 2015. What’s in the plan? Light rail for Surrey, an extension of the Millenium SkyTrain Line, expansion of bus service by 25%, more SeaBus and HandyDART hours, more bikeways, and replacement for the Patullo Bridge (and… Read more →