Final Report: Moving in a Livable Region

Moving in a Livable Region is an initiative of the SFU Centre for Dialogue and has been convening stakeholders in the metro region to talk about transportation for nearly three years. Its goal has been to support the adoption of a sustainable funding regime for transportation in Metro Vancouver. With the referendum now over, we have written a final report… Read more →

Metro Vancouver transportation plebiscite results are in

The transportation plebiscite results are in with 62% of voters rejecting the proposed 0.5% sales tax increase. The breakdown of the plebiscite results by municipality can be found here. The following is the Moving in a Livable Region coalition’s statement following the release of the plebiscite results:   STATEMENT OF AFFIRMATION   We believe in this region.   We reaffirm the… Read more →

Metro Vancouver’s transportation referendum: a North Delta perspective

Last Sunday night, I spent two hours walking around Sunshine Hills in North Delta hoping to engage in a conversation with my neighbours about the transportation referendum. My journey began with optimism and excitement, but ended in disappointment; not one person that I spoke with seemed excited about the possibility of transit and transportation improvements in our region. This got… Read more →

Video: Transit Vote Burnaby-Congestion, Health, and Livability

Metro Vancouver’s road network and transit system are currently strained and regional growth will ensure that this trend continues into the future. But what are the economic and health costs of congestion? With the transit referendum on the line, a number of potential transportation improvements could help to alleviate stress on the road network as well as offer more sustainable… Read more →